Wednesday Links – December 11

It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time for some linkage from the NBA world!

First up, Brian Shaw has banned junk food from the Nuggets locker room. From Yahoo Sports Ball Don’t Lie:

Shaw has searched for answers to their offensive woes in the first quarters of games. Last week, he walked through the locker room, saw players eating pizza and nachos and believed the poor diet to be the cause. So he picked up all the junk food and threw it in the trash.

Two thoughts here: Would you take pizza from The Manimal and throw in the trash? And really, after Fried Chicken-gate with the Red Sox a few years back, don’t these athletes realize that they are putting themselves at risk for very angry fan scrutiny with the junk food crap in the locker room?

In the meme world, the good people at @ThunderObsessed on Twitter have prepared a very useful Kendrick Perkins emotion chart for all the fans out there.

Moving on to Brooklyn, where apparently Jason Kidd’s blow up at Lawrence Frank was quite colorful, language wise. Via The Brooklyn Game:

The denouncement came in the now well-reported blowup Kidd had with Frank, where Kidd, according to a source, told Frank: “Sit the (bleep) down! I’m the coach of this (13-letter word) team! When you’re on the bench, don’t (bleeping) move!”

Frank did as he was told. Other coaches playing the Nets thought he was ill, he was so quiet during recent games.

The Twitterverse had some fun guesses for what 13-letter word that could have been, including “Spaghetti-Like,” my personal favorite from @HPBasketball, Matt Moore @ CBS Sports Eye on Basketball.

In what comes as a shock to no one, incoming NBA commish Adam Silver says the league will consider doing away with divisions in the coming years, via Celtics Life.

However Silver will reportedly not be interested in doing away with face shoes, such as this pair owned by Oddball Baskets favorite Lance Stephenson, courtesy of The Starters blog.

While the NY Post is reporting
 that the Knicks are free to take off their “bad luck” orange uniforms. I’m not even a Knicks fan, but I am desperately hoping that they don’t wear them ever again. Those jerseys look awful on my television for some reason. Blech.


In a “good on you, NAIA” move, the NCAA’s littler, nicer brother has allowed the OKC Thunder fan who hit a $20,000 half court shot to use the money as a scholarship towards his education rather than forfeiting the prize to salvage his college basketball eligibility at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas. Via Hardwood Paroxysm.

Finally, we leave you on an uplifting note, with this brilliant story from Kyle Korver and Charles Bethea at Grantland.

“There’s a jiu-jitsu concept that was introduced to me this summer called the misogi. It comes from the idea that as we get older we take fewer risks, think more inside the box, get more careful, make more decisions based on fear. To combat this, once a year you do something that you’re not sure you can do. That’s the misogi.

And that’s all the linkness for today. Enjoy, hoop heads!


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